Georgia Gambling Helpline

A 24 hrs helpline for all those effected by Gambling problems

Signs Symptoms

Below are some of the signs that might help you identify if you are having gambling addiction. The most important reason for people to become impulsive gamblers is denial of this problem. So if you like gambling and find any of the following features in yourself, it is time you should seriously re evaluate your behavior towards this activity before it is too late!

  1. If you feel your friends, family and loved ones are feeling annoyed with your hobby of gambling online.
  2. You feel the need to hide your online gambling activities from them, thinking they don’t understand.
  3. You feel the urge to gamble money you kept for some other important purpose, and finding it hard to resist the impulse.
  4. You missed some important family event or occasion because you were too involved in online gambling activities.
  5. Your friends or family often complain for your not giving them enough time, as you are busy with your laptop playing casino online.
  6. You recently broke up with your fiancé / girlfriend after a fight over your online gambling.
  7. You couldn’t get your child something he/she wanted, while knowing that you had money that you just lost in gambling.
  8. Your fights with spouse have increased significantly, with your online gambling habit being a common topic of discussion.
  9. Your credit card bills are rising, and you think it is because you are trying to ‘win your lost money back.’
  10. You are betting larger amounts of money than before, or feel like betting more frequently than before.
  11. You like talking about gambling very often in social gatherings.
  12. You gamble even when you are in financial crisis.
  13. You feel out of place in friends and family, and feel at home only while gambling.
  14. Your inmates complain often that you have become short tempered.
  15. You don’t want to talk about gambling to avoid unpleasant argument, but don’t want to quit this habit.

Questions about Problem Gambling

  1. Have you been into quarrel with your spouse/girlfriend/family on an issue related with your gambling habit?
  2. Do you feel you are spending more money on betting online than before?
  3. Do you find it more interesting now to stay home and gamble online rather than going to some family entertainment?
  4. Have your loved ones started complaining recently that your attitude has changed towards them?
  5. Have you ever spent the money you kept for routine expenditures in gambling online?
  6. Do you believe you will have a big win one day, but your financial records show deteriorating conditions recently?
  7. Do you feel most of the people around you keep on trying to convince you to control your habit of online gambling, although you believe it is in control?
  8. Does your gambling habit make you miss important friends and family events?
  9. Have you ever sold your personal belongings or other items to finance gambling?
  10. Did you ever borrow money for gambling?
  11. After your first win, did you feel the urge to return and win again?
  12. Did gambling hinder your ambitions or affect efficiency?
  13.  Did you ever gamble to solve your financial problems or pay off debts?
  14. Have you ever gambled because of depression and worries?
  15. Have you ever indulged in illegal act to finance gambling?
  16. Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?
  17. Has gambling affected your daily routine, like sleeping and eating patterns?
  18. Have you ever gambled to a point where you have spent even your last dollar?
  19. Have you ever celebrated your good fortune by few hours of gambling?
  20. Has gambling ever caused you to consider self-destruction or suicide?