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Real Stories

Hi I am Felicia. My husband and I have always been very fond of online games and shopping, but now it is becoming a problem for us. We used to play online gambling games previously also, but only for fun sake. For about two months now, he is becoming very secretive about his financial matters with me that always used to be so open. We love each other, and what hurts me the most is that he at times becomes rude with me when I insist him to tell me how much he is betting. He thinks I don’t understand, but I have a very strong feeling that he is neglecting our important expenditures for his gambling habit, like we could not pay our last installment for car loan although I thought we had our savings for this purpose. I don’t know what to do, but I surely know that I have to do something!

My name is Davis, and I am an 8th grade student. My dad works at a local store, and we were happy with our life until about three years back, when we felt that he is getting over indulged in online bets. Ever since, my parents have started having fights very often. I’m the only son, and am not supposed to talk in their matters, but I can see how often he forgets my birthday and school functions. I don’t feel him to have the same interest in what I am doing, and what I want to do anymore. All he is interested in is his computer and his bets!

I am John, and I work for a real estate agency. My favorite pass time used to be hanging out with friends, and occasionally I used to play online games including online gambling. I never thought it to be a problem for me until last summers, when my girlfriend broke up with me saying I have ‘changed’, and don’t care for her anymore. Even so, I was ok because I actually enjoyed more playing in online casinos rather than listening to her emotional stuff. It was about two months after she left, that I realized that I was losing too much money in online gambling. I started having trouble dealing with my routine finances, and couldn’t pay my utility bills from my salary. While in an attempt to win back my money, I put higher and higher bets, until a friend of mine made me realize it was just getting me deeper and deeper into this problem instead of helping me come out of it. I believe I realized it in time, and that has helped me a lot to come out of problem gambling.

Hi I am Michelle. I am a university student, doing major in mathematics. I don’t like to socialize a lot, and am kind of introvert as a person. My favorite pastime has always been surfing the internet, looking for ways to earn money easy, as I don’t want to bother my parents much about my study expenses. I found it a quick and easy way to get good money through online gambling, and no doubt it initially did help me ease out my finances. This encouraged me bet bigger money, to win bigger, but unfortunately it did not always go in my favor. I realized for the first time that I had lost control, when I was unable to pay for my semester twice and had to ask for a friend’s help, even after working hard at a local store part time. But the strangest part was that every time I thought of figuring out a way to relieve financial stress, gambling appeared the most convenient method even though I knew it was also the reason to get into trouble in first place. I was finding it hard to keep myself away from gambling, but the fear that no one would help me if I lose more, compelled me to seek assistance quitting this addiction.

Hi my name is Edward. I study in 9th grade. I love my daddy and my mommy. But I don’t know if they love me anymore. They used to, but I am not sure if they do now. Mommy keeps fighting with daddy all the time, asking him to get things for house and for us, but daddy says he doesn’t have money. Daddy told me one day that he will win so much money in his games on computer that we will all be rich, but mommy says he is telling a lie, and it will never happen. I myself don’t think he is right, because ever since he has started playing games on computer, he has stopped bringing nice things for us, and we don’t go for movies now. He always says he has no money left, but one day he will win so much money. Now he scolds us also if we ask him to go out and play when he’s on his computer. Mommy says he loses all our money in online gambling. I want him to stop.

HI I am Patrick, and I know about problem gambling much more than anyone else, as I have been through this myself. I lost my job, and all my friends left me when this curse of excessive online gambling engulfed me. I was previously on a manager level post at a local restaurant chain, and had so many friends to hang out with, but always wanted to do something big in life. I don’t know when this hobby of online gambling turned into an obsession for me, but surely it cost me a lot. It’s a long story how I kept putting more and more money into this habit, while trying to win back what I had already lost, without realizing that it is only doing more harm than good. After all my savings were used up, I couldn’t even keep myself from borrowing money from my friends, that started avoiding me one by one for this bad reputation. With no other legitimate way of getting money for gambling, After being unable to concentrate on my job, and repeatedly asking for loan, I got fired from my job. I was left all alone in the world, with nowhere to go, and I dint know whom to ask for help! All I needed was one more chance, one jackpot win, to clear all bad debts, and to win back my reputation. In those dark days, I came across a support group that helped me get rid of this addiction, and opened my eyes that more gambling was only going to make things worse. With proper management and efforts of support group, today I am finally back in my office and have started clearing my debts. I would strongly advise every gambler to keep a keen eye on this habit, to prevent it to become a nightmare from a mere game!