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A 24 hrs helpline for all those effected by Gambling problems


  • Gamblers Brains see ‘near misses’ as wins, a new research reveals. According to a research conducted by Luke Clark from University of Cambridge, there is a strong stimulation in reward center of human brain when a problem gambler falls just short of a jackpot win. In reality, it is no different from a regular loss, but it is taken with abnormal enthusiasm in people with gambling problems. After this research, it is also under study if gambling problems can be treated with drug treatment targeted to dampen the dopaminergic activity of brain, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Super Bowl gambling hotlines getting ready for increased calls.Council on problem gambling reports that there is an increased response to gambling hotlines in months of January to March, owing to the fact that most of big bowl games take place in these months. This also aggravated problems for Gambling Addicts and their families.

  • Pennsylvania combats Problem Gambling with a new website. Management of Pennsylvania has decided to counter the problem of Gambling addiction by setting up a new website, where gamblers can confidentially seek help. This step is being taken as a powerful and effective tool to aid people who want to come out of this curse and seek help.


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