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How to Protect Your Home from Burglars?

News of break-ins and burglaries are a stark reminder that one is never completely safe in his or her home. As burglaries remain a threat throughout American neighborhoods, police departments are implementing various anti-crime tactics to counter this issue. According to data provided by the FBI, in 2012, approximately 8,975,438 homes were robbed. This means a house is burglarized every 15 seconds in the US. Many residents underestimate the effects of a burglary. The financial and emotional devastation caused by a burglary can last a lifetime.
There are many steps you could take to protect your home and minimize the risk of being burglarized. You would be surprised to know that most of these steps are fairly simple and easy. Take a look for yourself:

Burglar Alarm

A study conducted by Rutgers university shows that alarm systems help keep burglars at bay. A burglar will avoid breaking into a home that has an alarm system installed. There are plenty of alarm systems you could choose from. This device is designed to detect intrusion and immediately alert homeowners or the police. Make sure you select a reliable and credible security company.

Keep your garden Clean

Overgrown trees and tall shrubs can be the perfect hiding spot for a burglar. It is recommended you keep your front yard and back yard trimmed. Cut away unnecessary plants in front of windows and keep overgrown bushes trimmed.

Don’t leave your spare keys outside

Burglars can be smart enough to figure out hiding spots for spare keys. So don’t leave any outside, no matter how secure you think the hiding spot may be.

Don’t Advertise your Vacations

Planning to take a vacation soon? You don’t have to tell everyone and announce it on social media. A burglar is more likely to target empty homes. Ask your neighbor to take your mail while you are away and keep your garden clean.


You can install lights outside and inside too. These will automatically switch on after dark. Houses with their lights on act as a good deterrent to burglars. Lights give the impression of an occupied home.

Lock Up

Whether you are going out for a 5 minute jog or a 20 minute trip to the grocery store, lock your home! This means locking all windows, doors, and other points of entry. A minute is all a burglar needs.

Know your neighbors

It is always recommended you get to know your neighbors. Close-knit neighborhoods are less likely to be targeted by burglars. You can also plan and participate in neighborhood watch.

Be vigilant

Keep yourself educated about the local crime rates and burglaries. If you sense any usual or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, don’t ignore it. Notify your local authorities immediately.

By taking the above mentioned steps, you can lower the risk of burglaries. Protecting your family, your possessions, and your property is your responsibility. Knowing your home is secure and safe will give you the peace you deserve.