Georgia Gambling Helpline

A 24 hrs helpline for all those effected by Gambling problems

Family Friends

Gambling addiction can lead to a host of problems, which is why early identification of the vice is necessary. Smart observers can always tell whether their loved ones are involved in gambling by looking out for any of the following signs:

Money related signs

  • Spiraling debt or borrowing without sufficient explanation
  • Disappearing money
  • Reducing assets
  • Loans
  • Household items go regularly absent
  • Wallets/money is lost frequently
  • Financial statements missing
  • Cash sources are surprisingly stretched to pay bills
  • Phone calls intercepted from irate creditors

Time related signs

  • Everyday chores are ignored due to lack of time
  • Sick leaves lengthened
  • Suspiciously lengthy time taken for simple outdoor tasks
  • Long time consumed to study gambling
  • Unaccounted absences

Personal issues

  • Estrangement from friends
  • Disinterested in usual hobbies
  • Mood swings & irritable behavior
  • Social outcast
  • Emotionally isolated from family despite care

Control & manipulation

  • Silence or secretive response regarding activities
  • Undisclosed credit cards
  • Secret PO Boxes
  • Manipulation through threat

Guilt & Shame Gamblers are often haunted by guilt over their careless attitude, which they cannot seem to be able to keep control over. When money has changed hands to the detriment of the person, he may be lured back to the gambling table wanting to win it back. Others can have a more passive attitude, where they feel so overburdened that they cannot do anything other than hope for the problem to disappear. The end-result of these mixed feelings of guilt & shame is to further gnaw away at the conscience of a person, withdrawing him deeper into his own gloom as he tries to keep a wrap over his shortcomings, & marginalizing him from his loved ones.

Key Points

  • Using force to stall the problem is not an option. The addict has to be convinced
  • You are not responsible for his plight
  • At the root of the issue is the gambling addiction, & not the person’s character, so it must be targeted
  • A staunch stand against lying & cheating, with care for the individual can work wonders
  • It is your right to be emotionally & financially secure, so mobilize your efforts towards that
  • In some cases, safety of the individual or his support network may be compromised by action. Professional help is advised.